Pratt MFA Thesis: Becoming the Medium

Research, visual explorations and writing examining how mythologies of our evolution with technology effect the ways we imagine and materialize technology and how it shapes our communication abilities. My methodology was narrative driven and examined myth-making, fiction and science fiction as primary tools. Visual experiments included a new interpretation of the hero's journey that reflected the ontological effects of our coalescing with technology.   

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© Christina Latina 2012

Thesis Book

The thesis writing supported and documented the thesis making through methodical historical research, adding to and further contemporary conversations on similar topics in design. A few sample spreads are below.

Capstone Project

An Infographic inventorying and examining a history of communication technologies and the narratives that predicted and inspired their evolution. Narratives were culled from science fiction, philosophy, film, technologists manifestos, ontological models (e.g. clockwork universe), media theory, etc. Corner vignettes examined adapted evolutionary models, with the distillation of thematics becoming a narrative key to navigating the information. The poster was created to be used as a method for peering into the future of communication as we collectively seem to be envisioning it. 

Check out a hi-res version to explore more. 


Mine and my peers two year study culminated in a month long exhibition at Pratt Manhattan, showcasing our final works. As a class, we organized, designed and installed our pieces in a salon-style exhibition, with supplementing website and catalogue.